Given the need for quick responses, decision-making processes must be simple and transparent. Meet the ACTIVE 24 management.

Ján Cifra, CEO CEE

Tomáš Srnka, CTO CEE 

Ľuboš Ľahký, CMO CEE

Martina Pohořelická, country manager

Martina Pohořelická

Martina spent most of her professional life at ACTIVE 24, formerly Globe Internet ltd. As a result, she has a broad expertise in web hosting. After six years of maternity leave, she worked at the ACTIVE 24 marketing department as a product and project manager in previous years. She is known as a demanding and sometimes urging colleague.

She is not used to leaving opportunities unused in her life. The management of the marketing department is a challenge for her, daily adventure and also great responsibility. Her colleagues and friends describe her as a complicated personality. She likes simple and elegant solutions.

Tomáš Hála,  security and IT operations manager

Tomáš Hála

Tomáš graduated in computer science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. He joined Active 24 in 2007 as a Linux system administrator. Since 2009, he led our Linux team. Now he is responsible for all operational departments, security and development of new services.

Safety has its priority. For him an endless learning process, of transferring knowledge about the operation and training of technicians. He is enthusiastic about new technologies, but works with caution in practice.

He spends his free time on his large family, recreational sports, and geocaching.

Eva Kriničková, customer support manager


Before Eva became part of the Active24, she was overseeing the Customer support department in the Martinus bookshop. She likes to look for ways to fulfill the customer's expectations and with her team, she's doing her best to ensure that the Active24 customers will be the most satisfied on the market.