Choosing a good Domain Name: 5 expert tips

Good Domain Name. Choosing a good domain name is what co-determines your online success. But how to choose a good domain name? These 5 expert tips will help you to choose the best domain name for your business, blog or web shop.

This encourages web visitors to view your website.
Also, you are easier to find on the internet.


The opposite is also true: with an inappropriate domain, you discourage web visitors to view your website and you will be less visible online.

To choose a good domain name:

1. Keep it Short

The shorter the domain name, the better

  • Choose one keyword (up to 10 characters.) = eg
  • or a short phrase (max.2-3 words) = eg:


  • it easy to remember
  • it easy to pronounce
  • it looks more professional

2. Choose Simplicity

Make the subject immediately clear

  • Choose a simple domain name


  • Uppercase = eg:
  • TIP: Make sure that this can not be picked up wrong.
  • in Singular =


  • Hyphen (-). = E.g.:
  • Abbreviations. = E.g.:
  • The figure "0". This is often confused with the letter "O".
  • Figures in stead of letters = eg:
  • Popular misspellings.
  • Accents.
  • Double characters.


  • It avoids confusion for visitors.
  • It improves the readability.
  • You will keep your visitors.
  • Less chance of spelling and typos by visitors.
  • Visitors will know exactly where your website or online store is about.

3. Make it unique

The more unique, the more easily remember

Come up with an original domain name.


  • Synonyms.
  • Language versions. E.g. UK, FR, ES word domain name.
  • TIP: Beware of strange meanings.
  • Metaphors, puns or word combination.
  • Unique domain name variant via Wordoid.
  • Specific jargon. So your specific audience understands you right away.
  • TIP: Consider Google search results for your phrase.



  • You build an online brand name.
  • You make potential visitors curious.
  • The domain name has brand value and contains one keyword.
  • The domain name is not associated with the competition.
  • You protect your domain name as a legal brand.
  • It increases the credibility of your website.

4. Search Engine Friendly (SEO)

Consider keywords

Use the main search term in your domain name.

  • It gives potential visitors a prior impression of your website.
  • It helps search engines understand your website, blog or online store.


 It refers to the activities on your website.
It is related to your field.
You score high on link and browse pages.

    Link Pages are getting less important.
    The popularity of the brand is becoming increasingly important.
    Google recognizes what a website is about, without keywords in the URL.

5. Be Specific
Brand oriented, descriptive or a combination?

Domain names are divided into two main groups:

    Descriptive domain: specific keyword (product/service in the url).
    Brand-oriented domain: company name or surname.
    Combination: both descriptive and brand-oriented.

These questions help in choosing a good domain name:

    What is my business about?
    What product do I sell? What services I'm going to deliver?
    Whom is my target audience?
    Do I focus on a local (neighbourhood, city, country) or an international market?
    Do I focus on an existing trademark for my product/service or use my family name instead?

1. Choose a descriptive domain name


  •     specific niche.
  •     visitors remember your website better.
  •     faster at the top of the search results.
  •     inspires confidence: you are the expert.
  •     & Leads to higher conversions.


  •     Competitors also advertise on the same terms.
  •     You must own all domain extensions. This is often forgotten.
  •     Search engines consider the number of searches on your brand name (returning satisfied visitors).
  •     Search engines consider page visit length relative to direct competitors.
  •     Name recognition is difficult to measure.

2. Choose a brand-oriented domain name


  •     You are guaranteed a unique name.
  •     Your brand, family or business name is your domain name.
  •     Choose an invented word. Greater chance of availability.
  •     You easily build an online brand.
  •     A brand ranks getting better.
  •     A strong brand also helps with positive reviews on the web.
  •     It is suitable for the long-term strategy. You can for years using the same domain name.


  •     Upgrade pages with high bounce rate and short duration visit.
  •     Prevent another company with the same name exists in UK, Benelux and Europe.

2. Choose a Combination


  •     The best domain name is a combination of both:
  •     A unique word (or brand name) PLUS a descriptive word..
  •     Your brandname PLUS your product or service is a good alternative..

Domain Suggestion Tool

Looking for a suitable domain name for your website?

  1.     Use our domain names generator.
  2.     Type search terms about yourself, your company, website, blog or online store.
  3.     Choose Generate.
  4.     You instantly see which search term variations are available as a domain.

Is the domain name available?
TIP: The sooner you register your domain name, the better.
This prevents someone else runs off there with your domain name.


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